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With the constant advancements in technology, marketing, and communication industries, how do independent speakers and companies ensure their presentations and events are having the effect and reach needed?

In today’s business world, it’s not enough to be an engaging speaker or to have a great product. The level of professionalism in your presentation directly impacts your credibility and the trust you project. If you want to motivate your audience, if you want to inspire trust and a lasting connection, our professional team has the skills and resources to take you to the next level!

What can the C.Zeller Events Team do for you?

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As an entrepreneur, do you know your revenue share options at each speaking event? How comfortable are you with interpreting and negotiating your contracts? We are here so you do not have to sweat the small stuff. Let us advocate for you! Not only can we help you perfect your visual and audio presentation, we are prepared to handle all your event needs so you can focus on the most important element, YOU!


If you are hosting a corporate event and hiring inspirational and informational speakers, how do you know your when message hit its mark? How do you measure success and analyze areas of improvement for future events? Our team is ready to ensure not only the success of your upcoming events, we have the resources, skills, and experience you will need to evaluate each event and pinpoint exactly where future improvements will be most effective.

How Does it Work?


Discovery phone call

In the weeks before your event, we start with a simple discovery phone call. This gives us the opportunity to pool our expertise to determine which services best serve you and your needs. Once we set the foundation, we meet in person to prioritize needs, review packages and launch into your success plan!


review all speaker contracts

The first step is to review all speaker contracts. This includes not only protecting both hiring organizations and speakers legally but guarantees the most accurate timing information for an engaging and effective presentation.


Fine-tuning audio and visual presentation

Once the fine print is settled, we set our focus on fine-tuning the audio and visual presentation elements. With an emphasis on perfecting creative clarity, tone, cadence, and engaging visual elements with techniques backed by a decade of professional experience. We ensure your brand is not only receiving the best representation available, but we also set the tone for future success.




More than just your coach, leader, advocate, and organizer, the team at C.Zeller Events is adept at stepping in to help with additional administrative responsibilities as needed, including; procurement of corporate gifts, construction, and delivery of gift baskets, professional gift wrapping, and personal shopping.


Surveys and Follow up Converstaions

Our help does not end with your event. Instead, this is the best time to reach out to your audience through surveys and follow up conversations. We personally gather and analyze data giving recipients the third-party confidence they need to give their true and most honest feedback. We compile this information to deliver a comprehensive report you can use to reach greater success in your future events.

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